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Innovative Leadership and Instructors Relationship

Apple’s talent building mission is to cultivate a leadership and instruction team that collaborates actively, holds itself accountable to putting student academic success first, and advocating externally on behalf of charter freedoms and union representation of our school.


Teacher Recruitment and Selection

AACPS shall comply with the requirements for hiring of teachers and paraprofessionals as specified by the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). It is the intent of the school to recruit teachers through extensive recruitment efforts such as job fairs, postings on Ed-Join or other similar websites, and recruitment from universities.  Based on the strength of the written applications, a phone or face-to face interview will be scheduled and conducted by a panel of selected Board Members, administrative members, and grade-level appropriate teachers. After the formal interview, if the panel members agree that the candidate embodies our mission, vision and educational philosophy, a demonstration lesson will be scheduled. A demonstration lesson rubric, which will be developed by the Board and School Leadership Team, will be used to assess candidates on instructional strategies, classroom management, interaction with the students, and the effectiveness of the lesson.  If the candidate qualifies, an offer of employment will be made. AACPS practices of employment at the school will comply with Ed. Code 47605(b)(5)(E)

All employees must furnish or be able to provide:

  • Medical clearance of communicable diseases and tuberculosis.
  • Fingerprinting and the service fee to the Department of Justice for criminal record check. No employee shall commence employment at the school until clearance has been obtained from the Department of Justice.
  • Full disclosure statement regarding prior criminal record.
  • Documents establishing legal status.
  • Sign-off on Child-Abuse Policy.

Employees shall not begin work until all of the above is processed and cleared. Teachers will be required to maintain a current Commission on Teacher Credentialing Certificate, permit, or other document that would satisfy school district requirements and meet all legal requirements to teach in California public schools.

Once hired, teachers at Apple Academy Charter Public Schools will be expected to:

  • Embody the mission, vision and educational philosophy of AACPS as well as the goals and expectations of the school
  • Provide a safe, nurturing and peaceful classroom environment that reflects the academic program described in the AACPS charter
  • Provide a high-quality and highly effective curriculum
  • Utilize educational technology in the classroom to facilitate learning and enrich the curriculum
  • Participate in the process of data analysis and the continual assessment of student progress in order to make relevant instructional decisions to meet the needs of students
  • Maintain accurate and timely records
  • Regularly collaborate with peers to facilitate professional and personal growth of self, grade level, and school
  • Continually seek professional growth according to the instructional and programmatic priorities of the school
  • Promote open communication with parents and community members through daily actions
  • Maintain regular, punctual attendance as a model to students

 Teacher Evaluation and Termination

Teachers will be evaluated annually using a comprehensive system of multiple measures of performance. The evaluation system created by AACPS will ensure be designed to support teacher development and professional growth to ensure that our teachers are highly effective and wish to remain at AACPS. Teachers can expect to be assessed upon several components, including but not limited to:

  • A framework for teaching (e.g., Charlotte Danielson)
  • The California Standards for the Teaching Profession
  • Fulfilling the goals and objectives that have been self-identified in their Individual Development Plan (IDP)

The site principal will be responsible for meeting with each individual teacher in the first month of each year to develop in collaboration with the teacher, an Individual Development Plan. This plan will outline the professional growth desires of the teacher in conjunction with the goals and objectives of the instructional program. This document will be revisited at least twice per year, during the observation/feedback conference sessions.

Each teacher will be formally observed at least twice per year by the principal and a conference will be held to discuss the teacher’s performance and the academic progress of the students in their classroom. Teachers will receive feedback from the principal regarding their effectiveness in all aspects of their responsibilities (e.g., classroom instruction, parent communication, planning, collaboration, professional growth, etc.).

All teachers will be expected to maintain professional portfolios that contain elements that demonstrate their responsibilities as described above.  These elements will include evidence of: instructional planning, including short and long-term goals, interdisciplinary units, and lesson studies, data dashboards and data-driven decisions based on analytical work; student work samples, action research and other collaborative efforts; and parent communication.

All teachers will be involved in the AACPS recertification process based on their annual performance. Teachers hired at AACPS will agree to this process when they accept our offer of employment and will indicated in writing on their contract. The recertification process is designed to ensure that each teacher is given every opportunity to become a highly effective and qualified teacher. While the recertification process has yet to be fully designed, it will have the following basic principles:

  • When a teacher has received three consecutive years of proficient or better performance, they will be granted three full years of tenure.
  • Every year, tenured teachers will be expected to continue their professional growth based on the agreed upon goal and objectives of their IDP.
  • During the third year of tenure, teachers will collaboratively develop a master plan for development in conjunction with the principal and a master teacher, to develop above and beyond the professional growth they have been involved in since being hired
  • Based on the professional aspirations of the teacher and the recommendations of the principal and master teacher, the master plan will allow the teacher to expand into leadership roles and make major contributions to education at AACPS and beyond.

When a teacher does not receive a proficient or better rating of performance, s/he will be required to participate in a comprehensive plan of assistance. Should the teacher after participating in our comprehensive plan of assistance, fail to perform at a level of proficiency, s/he will be relieved of his/her responsibilities at Apple Academy Charter Public Schools.

Any tenured teacher who is released from their responsibilities (terminated) at Apple Academy Charter Public Schools will have the right to binding arbitration. They will have a maximum of 30 days to request binding arbitration. The process of binding arbitration will take no less than 10 days and no more than 30 days, for any case. The decision of binding arbitration is final and no further action can be taken by the teacher.

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