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Mission & Vision

Our Mission
The mission of the Apple Academy Charter Public Schools is to provide all students with a personal learning experience that encourages creativity, curiosity and a life-long pursuit of education. As a community of learners, all staff, parents and community members will participate in helping our students achieve academic and personal success. We will fulfill this mission by:
  • Utilizing an interdisciplinary, inquiry-based approach aligned with the way we believe students learn best
  • Implementing rigorous, research-based curriculum, instructional practices and assessment in line with our educational goals. Creating an inclusive school culture that values commitment, acceptance, character and excellence
  • Enhancing teacher leadership through actionable professional development practices
  • Empowering parents and the community through information and education
Our Vision
Students who have attended Apple Academy Charter Public Schools will have a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and abilities that enable them to be self-motivated, competent and lifelong learners. The students will have learned how to learn and mastered the discourse that occurs between teachers and peers to question, analyze, evaluate and reflect. Each student will be literate, in every sense of the word as proficient readers, writers, listeners and speakers, as well as prepared to begin algebra and the higher math required for college and careers. Students will have an understanding of what it means to be a contributing member of a community and aware of the steps necessary to achieve their own goals from middle school through college preparatory high school and into post-secondary education. As a result of their participation in project-based learning, that builds upon and expands students’ notions of the wider global community, students will know their potential for success as leaders, first in the immediate community and then as global leaders in all sectors of society.

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